Powerful and romantic, Pedro José’s heartfelt vocals, heartbreaking lyrics, and heartthrob appearance make him an undeniable new Latin talent. His expertly crafted melodies soar straight into the souls of English and Spanish speaking fans all over the world. Four of Pedro’s songs have received accolades from the prestigious Billboard Songwriting Contest, with additional national recognition awarded by Song Of The Year, Festival San Juan de la Canción, Singer Universe.com, and most recently, The Canary Islands International Song Contest. Pedro José has been part of significant talent contests as a vocal coach, like Voice of McDonald’s PR and the reality show “Se Busca Tu Voz” of the tv show “Entre Nosotras” on local and national tv, WAPA TV, and WAPA América.

The power and urgency in Pedro’s voice are not accidental. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Pedro started taking voice and piano lessons at age nine and wrote his first award-winning song at only fifteen. Pedro began singing professionally as a background vocalist for artists like Wilkins, Yolandita Monge, and Yaire and in musicals like Fame (Fama), Grease, HairSpray, and other local theater productions. He also began recording radio bumpers and jingles for commercials. Pedro Jose’s talent led to steady weekend work entertaining and performing for foreign tourists and a very exclusive international audience at some of the most prestigious hotels in Puerto Rico, developing his impressive vocal range while working on his original music.

While Pedro moves closer to realizing his dreams of writing with David Foster and singing with Cèline Dion, recording for his new CD is already underway in Puerto Rico. His debut album will feature songs in English and Spanish, touching on universal themes of love in all aspects: pure love, sad love, first love, the broken heart love, and hopeless love. The dark power ballad “Si Preguntan Por Mi” will be included exclusively on this record, despite its high demand to be recorded by several other Puerto Rican artists. Pedro José also recorded the 1983 hit cover song “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All,” composed by the famous Jim Steinman and initially recorded by Air Supply. The recording of this song awake a lot of interest between Jim Steinman’s fans and followers around the world, who discover Pedro José over the internet, placing his talent at a very high standard level among other significant international artists.